100 Lessons Learned From 100 Countries Solo

Solo travel, a term that echoes independence, that promotes transformation, and an act of self-love, as you travel the world with only yourself to please. With so many of us facing our fears and throwing ourselves out into the big wide world, travelling alone must be amazing right?

As life has its ups and downs, so does travelling alone. After travelling to 100 countries solo over the last 22 years, I think I’ve learnt a thing or two about solo female travel. I’ve experienced the highs, the lows and the mundanes and this article is my honest account of my solo travel evolution. I hope you enjoy my 100 lessons from 100 countries solo.

100 lessons learned from 100 countries solo

100 Lessons Learned From 100 Countries Solo…

1. You lose FOMO (fear of missing out). When you first start travelling there is nothing that you wouldn’t do. Bungee jumping off the original bungee bridge in NZ; bring it on! Lunch in Sydney and dinner in Adelaide; I can make it! Bar crawl in Milan on a Saturday night after a long day sightseeing; yes! But then you learn to slow down and realise that just because there is so much to do doesn’t mean that you have to be the one to do it all.

2. You become complacent. “Hmmm, well I saw one in Ukraine so is it much different?”

3. You get travel fatigued. “How long’s the flight?” Flying no longer feels exciting and you reminisce on how air travel has changed.

4. You realise how much of the world you can’t travel to. “Armenia and Azerbaijan are neighbouring countries so I can just cross the border, right? What do you mean there’s a war happening?”

5. Visas become harder to get.

6. You develop a coin collection with the change from each country that you have no idea what you’re ever going to do with.

7. You stop buying shot glasses from each place (from any that still sell them). This also goes for souvenirs. After all, you’ve got enough for an entire bar (which is still on your life list to start after being inspired by the amount of bars you have travelled to over the years).

8. You stop buying presents for friends and family (unless it’s nearly Christmas and you can get something very unique for a bargain).

9. You realise how many of the same souvenirs are sold in the same countries. Picking up a wooden statue in Thailand you find yourself exclaiming “I brought one of these in Bali!”

10. You develop a packing list for certain regions of the world and know exactly what to take.

11. You travel out of season as you know it’s going to…

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