Here Are 50 Ways To Spend Your Weekend If You’re Bored, Lonely, And Restless

These hobbies from Ask Reddit are perfect for spicing up boring weekends.

1. Soap carving allows you to create delicate art easily, all you need is a bar of soap and a soap carving knife (you can get one for cheap).

2. Magnet fishing, just need a big magnet tied to a length of rope and a river or lake to fish in.

3. Starter supplies for cross stitching cost about $10 and it takes less than half an hour to understand the basics.

4. Cardistry and card tricks. Buy a few decks of cards and watch a bunch of YouTube tutorials, and you’ll be surprised how much you can pick up in a short time. If you are one of those people (like me) who always like to be fidgeting with something in your hand when you’re watching Netflix or something, it’s also something to do with your hands.

My personal preference is Bicycle playing cards because they’re easy to handle, but you could probably learn some stuff with any deck you have lying around.

5. Geocaching! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s everywhere, and on an app, that’s super cheap.

6. Origami! You can get a large pack of origami paper on amazon for under $10. My insurance stopped paying for OT, so this seemed like a good DIY alternative. I really enjoy it, so it worked out.

7. Basic weightlifting. Box gyms often offer cheap memberships, and all you really need besides that is some determination and consistency. It can get expensive later on down the road, but the initial improvements are basic, easy and fun.

8. Chess! There are a ton of great resources and communities online and it’s free and really helps your brain.

You’ve gotta be willing to lose a couple of games to keep moving forward but it’s incredibly gratifying.

I recommend and all the YouTube channels on it.

9. Gardening. It is both a nice way to de-stress and a way to help the environment.

10. Rock sculpting. All you need are some rocks, a few polishing cloths, and a rock hammer. Seven dollars in any rock-and-gem shop.

11. Birding. Not just for senior citizens! If you have access to the outdoors, you can be a birder. Even urban areas have birds. The common ones might not be all that interesting (pigeons), but they’re still birds. There are multiple bird-identifying apps you can get for free (Merlin is my go-to), and you can track the birds you’ve seen on paper or digitally with an app like eBird. I’ve always liked birds, but I didn’t get really into it until a few years ago.

I lived in a big city…

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