2019 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

If the men in your life are the hardest to shop for, you are not alone! My Men’s Holiday Gift Guide has something fun and useful for every kind of guy.

Photo collage of 2019 Men's Holiday Gift Guide

1. Nintendo Universal Super NES Classic Edition / 2. Herschel Supply Co Travel Bag / 3. The Bigger Carry On / 4. Cashmere and Wool Nailhead Baseball Cap / 5. Glencairn Glass Set / 6. YETI Tumbler / 7. JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker / 8. Wooden Chess/Checkers Combo Set / 9. Air Pods: / 10. Favorite drink / 11. Music Service Subscription / 12. Hydro Flask / 13. Thermapen / 14. Weighted Blanket / 15. Patagonia Better Sweater Zip Jacket

I feel like men think women are the hardest to shop for, though I seriously beg to differ. Any time I ask Ben what he’d like for Christmas or his birthday, this scene from The Notebook is playing out in my head. What do you want? WHAT, DO YOU WANT?! Lolololololol.

Thankfully I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for your hard to shop for guy. I curated this Men’s Holiday Gift Guide then had Ben review it – he gave a thumbs up to everything on here after axing a few things I thought were pretty cute. Drumstick Pens, we hardly knew ye.

Anyway, if your guy likes gaming, sports, traveling, or anything in between, I hope you find a fun idea for him here!

2019 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide:

1. Nintendo Universal Super NES Classic Edition: Ben recently found my childhood Super NES in a box in our basement and it STILL WORKS!! We pretended to be teenagers again and played for a couple hours last Saturday night. The second I heard the opening music I was transported back to my parents basement circa 1993 and it was ah-mazing. If you’ve got 30-40 year old guy in your life, chances are pretty high that he’ll love this gift.

2. Herschel Supply Co Travel Bag: Every guy should have a nice place to keep their stuff while traveling but if yours is anything like mine, he’ll use a gallon ziplock bag until you remedy the situation. Problem solved with this spiffy, roomy toiletries bag. It’s the gift they didn’t know they wanted until they receive it. 😉

3. The Bigger Carry On: My brother travels a ton for work and this carry on compliant suitcase with a phone/device charging feature built into the bag is on his Christmas list this year. It’s really slick! A set of packing cubes would be a nice surprise to tuck into the bag. Ben has and loves this set.

4. Cashmere and Wool Nailhead Baseball Cap: If…

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