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This experience was sponsored by Barclaycard. However, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Wouldn't it be cool to be on the sidelines at an NFL game? This could be a dream-come-true experience, especially for long-time or young fans.

Who doesn't want to get close to their heroes down on the field? I'd love to one day bring my kid(s) down on the field.

Not many people get to experience being that close to the action of arguably the greatest sports spectacle in the world: an NFL game.

The intensity, athleticism, and excitement are unmatched.

Outside of suiting up and getting in the actual game, being on the sidelines at an NFL game is as close as you're going to get to the action.

But how do you get down there?

Unless you're a player, coach, a former player, member of the media, or some other type of employee/contractor of the team or stadium, you're not going to easily get down there.

I certainly don't recommend trying it without permission.

And I don't know of any way to actually make it on the sidelines during the actual game unless you fit into one of those categories above (media, family, etc.).

However, there are a few not-so-well-known ways I've discovered to make it to the sidelines just before (pre-game) an NFL game. Here they are:

1. Buy Premium Season Passes or a Suite

Each separate NFL team has some flexibility in what they offer with their premium packages. Buy a premium season pass package and it might just come with complimentary sideline field passes to one or more games.

This isn't something the NFL requires to my knowledge. Nor is it something every team is going to bother with.

However, teams are always looking for ways to add extra value for their biggest supporters. Exclusive experiences like a sideline pass is a great way to close the deal on their premium ticket sales.

Season pass packages and suites aren't cheap, obviously. Your average low-end suite in the NFL goes for around $65,000! That's a pretty expensive way to make your way to the sidelines. But hey, now you know it's possible. One can dream. #goals

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2. Buy a VIP Package from Premium Seats USA is an online broker that allows people to resell their tickets. They are very similar to a Stubhub or Ticketmaster but they put an emphasis on premium seats and VIP packages you can't get on standard broker site.

I was able to find four pre-game field passes to an upcoming Giants-Cowboys game for $549 each.

3. Win…

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