Clothes That Love You Back

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Everything in the universe has a vibration…the vibration has a strengthening or a weakening effect ~ Dr. David R. Hawkins

Ever since I was introduced to the concept of every thing having a vibration, an energetic frequency, I've found myself shifting the way I live my life around to honour this idea more and more. Every thing in our lives either supports us or hinders us, and I think it's personal and varying for every person, shifting over the course of a lifetime, sometimes annoyingly so.

Kinesiology is based upon this very idea, that certain things are supportive for some, unsupportive for others. And the concept can be applied to anything and everything – what we eat and drink, the products we apply to our skin, all the things we surround ourselves with in the home, the activities we fill our days with, the people we surround ourselves with, the places we frequent and the clothes we wrap our bodies in.

We are not separate from the things around us, we are affected, we affect, we're intertwined, inseparable, one. And I think we’re all paying closer attention to the things we buy, support and surround ourselves with.

I’m drawn to wearing clothes that are life supportive, not life hindering. For me, that means looking at what that piece of clothing I like is made of, how it’s made and how it makes me feel. I believe the entire lifecycle of a creation contributes to its energy, that energy either aligns with our own or it doesn’t.



The materials used to make the fabric, the treating process, the dyeing process, even the way the input like the cotton or the bamboo was treated while it was growing, all these things contribute to the end product, the clothes you wear on your body. For me, choosing clothes that are as close to nature as possible has become a goal – I want organic natural fibres, non-chemical treating processes and natural dyes.

In all areas of life, I’m trying to merge with nature as much as possible, incorporate it into my life, match its vibration. Imagine walking around in your daily life with natural clothing enveloping you, supporting you. Imagine all the positive effects of this, possibly too complex for us to even understand. I want to wear clothes that help remind me that I am not separate from nature, I am nature.



The way our clothes are made, the intention they’re made with by the brand, the designers and the people that create them, the…

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