How To Be a High Value Woman & Stop Settling For Less

Feeling like a high value woman who deserves to be cherished and completely beloved is not so easy to create! Especially if men have disappointed you and even broken your heart. It is not easy at any time or for any woman. Even celebrities confess that they are insecure. Accessing self-confidence is a challenging process for all of us. It certainly was a struggle–a major knock-down-drag-out struggle–for me. But, as I struggled, I learned one simple, incredibly powerful secret to creating the confident ‘me’ who is a high-value woman and the love-filled life I wanted to live.

How I Learned to Become a High Value Woman

I learned how to harness the natural growth pattern of life to help me shine. And that is the secret I want to share with you in this blog. It will boost you up beyond your wildest dreams. This secret certainly has worked big-time for me! I am sitting here, more in love with my hubby Sam than I’ve ever been. Here in my dream condo on the 14th floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the azure waters of the ocean. I’ve been blessed to be on my personal mission to bring love to you! I never ever would have dreamed that I would be able to have the high-value self-worth to create the life I am living, given my background as an unwanted nobody’s girl. When I was born my father didn’t even want to come to the hospital to see me. You get the picture!

But I was able to create a new identity for myself that took me from unwanted and devalued to feeling like a high-value woman. This secret made it so–and rapidly. As you learn about my core secret, you will understand the process that will make your high-value positive self-affirmations pop and manifest.

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Self-Confidence & the High Value Woman

Let’s look carefully at the goal– being, owning and acting as a high-value woman who has real-life, irresistible self-confidence. Yes, yes, yes!  It is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  This is the kind of self-confidence that makes you attractive, magnetic, charismatic, the kind of confidence where you can be truly real and authentic, make silly mistakes and elegantly recover your poise, live out your quirks and eccentricities and know that they make you adorable, fun, funny, loving, and lovable. The ‘it’ factor that draws guys to you. Think such self-confidence is impossible for you? Well I want you to…

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