AK Monthly Recap: December 2018

And just like that, 2018 is over. December was a nice way to end it, though. I spent most of my time in New York with a few quickie trips to Texas and Massachusetts via Connecticut, and longer time in Mass over Christmas.

Each year, I try to crank out my final posts of the year early so I can relax — and I'm glad I pulled it off this year. And every year I stay off business email between Christmas Eve and New Year's. (Though I did get one urgent press request on December 24 with a due date of December 28 — who does that?)

Here's what I got up to in December.

Destinations Visited

New York, New York

Wilmington, Reading, Lynn, and Newburyport, Massachusetts

Stratford and Ansonia, Connecticut

Dallas, Texas


A trip to Dallas and an unforgettable concert. And making it even better was that my friend Alexa flew down from New Hampshire to join me! My final event with Chase this year was attending the concert of a certain legendary British singer-songwriter — you know, the one with the sunglasses and the crazy suits. The event included a cocktail reception beforehand and a private box at the concert, which was SO swank and such a luxurious way to experience the performance. More on this event soon.

I'm glad we made time to explore a bit of Dallas, too, as neither of us had been before. Thanks to your suggestions, we went to the Deep Ellum neighborhood and had barbecue at Pecan Lodge followed by pie at Emporium Pies. We also went out for some Tex-Mex and got some melted queso. All delicious! Tourism-wise, we checked out The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the museum dedicated to JFK's assassination. It is in the actual building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and you can see the window. Highly recommended if you're visiting Dallas.

Guesting on an awesome podcast. Jeopardy! champion Austin Rogers (a.k.a. the hilarious bartender) invited me to be on his podcast, A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers. Each week he delves into a new topic, and we talked about solo female travel. I love this interview — it was fun with so much banter. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts here or on Spotify here.

Spending Christmas at home. It was a nice and cozy Christmas — lots of downtime, movie-watching, wine drinking, cooking, and spending time with immediate family, extended family, and friends.

Taking part in Reddit Secret Santa for the first time. I've been a Redditor for a long time but this was my first time taking part in Secret Santa, where you send a gift…

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