6 Best No-Smudge Pens For Note Taking (2020 Review)


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For most of us, our note taking skills start to lag once our studying days are over. But taking good notes is an incredibly valuable skill, and not just for students. The act of writing down notes manually is a powerful trigger that actually improves learning, and is often recommended by professors and productivity experts alike.

In order to make note taking part of your productivity habit, you
need an excellent pen. The best pens for note taking don't smear or smudge,
have ink that flows freely and smoothly, and make the act of writing a pleasure
rather than a pain.

Smudging can be a particular issue for lefties and people who jot
down ideas quickly on the go. Boosting your memory and productivity starts with
the right tools, so here are the best no-smudge pens for note taking.

Quick Picks

To quickly browse our favorite pens for taking beautiful, smudge-free notes, here's a summary of the best no smudge pens for note taking in 2020.

Best No-Smudge Pens for Note Taking

Best No-Smudge Pen for Note Taking: Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Stick Pen

The Pentel R.S.V.P Ballpoint Stick Pen is an unassuming-looking
pen that works beautifully. It has great ink flow, so you never need to
scribble to get it started. The stainless steel tip produces fine, even lines
with no clumping, skipping, or smudging. The long, sturdy, well balanced barrel
makes this pen a favorite for people with large hands. These pens last for a
long time, and the transparent barrel lets you see how much ink you have left.

The Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine has a .7mm tip, and is refillable. It
comes in a pack of five black pens, but is also available in blue, red, or a
multicolor pack with black, blue, red, green, and violet. This popular pen has
become more difficult to find in stores, so it's a great resource to find


  • Quick-drying ink does not smudge, even for lefties
  • Long barrel makes it comfortable for most hands, and holds more ink
  • High quality tip provides smooth, even, consistent ink flow


  • The .7mm size is larger than many “fine tipped” pens

Best Ultra-Fine Pen for Note Taking: Pilot Razor Point II Fine Line Marker

If you love ultra-fine pens, the Pilot Razor Point II Fine Line
Marker has a point of just .2mm, for the finest precision lines. It has a fiber

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