9 Things It’s Not Too Late To Start Doing For Yourself

Right now, don’t judge or berate yourself for how long your journey is taking. We all need our own time to travel our own distance. And every step is necessary.

Consider this post your reminder…

Marc and I have spent the past 12 years coaching people of all ages and demographics, from all over the world. This experience has taught us, above all, that everyone journeys in their own way. Some people start their careers right out of college in their early twenties, only to find themselves burnt out and starting over when they reach their early thirties. Others start working minimum wage jobs right out of high school and work their way up the corporate ladder, retiring happily in their mid-sixties. Some people fall in love and get married in their mid-twenties, but wind up divorced a few years later. Others marry in their early forties and spend four decades with their soul mate. Some couples are ridiculed for becoming teen parents, but end up living to meet their children’s children. Other couples get pregnant in their mid-forties and are ridiculed for putting their unborn children at risk.

Again, everyone’s journey is different. And everyone is doing life right, in their own way.

So, just remind yourself right now: there are no absolutes in life.

And there certainly are no fixed timelines.

YOU are NOT too late to make the best of things!

You’re exactly where you need to be right now.

Which means . . .

1. It’s not too late to start doing the hard things you need to do to be happier.

All great achievements require time and hard work. Good things don’t come easy. And consistent practice is the only way you can endure the gray periods.

When we want things to be easy, and expect them to be, we are inevitably disappointed. Our disappointment then motivates us to give up too soon. And the thing with giving up too soon is you never know. You never know whether you could have put in the effort and done something incredible with your life. I’ve personally pushed myself pretty hard over the years, because I was sick of the same old problems. What about you?

Find the courage to do the hard things in life. The things no one else is doing. The things that frighten you. The things others can’t do for you. The things that make you question how much longer you can hold on and push forward. Because those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between existing and living—between knowing the path and walking the…

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