How To Find True Love In 2020: 5 Powerful Steps

Are you wondering how to find true love in 2020?  Want to make this the happiest New Year and happiest New Decade of your life?

The great news is that it’s an awesome time to create your dreams!

At this moment your chances of creating true love in your life are better than ever.  You now live in what I call the Age of Abundant Love!  In America, divorce rates that climbed until the birth of the internet have actually fallen since.

Research has found that now one in three marriages in the U. S. begins online. Online relationships progress to marriage faster. Plus they are happier marriages!  And they even last longer. Digital dating has changed the landscape of love.  About 200 million singles globally now use digital dating each month.

How to Find True Love Offline

And there are so many new ways to meet great matches offline too!  In the thousands of events, meetups and group activities that are happening, which I call Mentastic activities.  These are things that are highly interesting to you that have lots of men in them—like hiking or running groups, investment classes, artificial intelligence conferences—you get the idea.  Places where you can meet fabulous guys who share your exact interest.  And these can be googled right from your phone.  Your dating choices are now almost unlimited.  Bottom line: Your chances of finding true love have never been better!


So here are 5 powerful steps to make it all happen for you in 2020.

How to Find True Love Step 1:  Prioritize Finding Love

Imagine if you didn’t have a job and needed money—looking for one would be your absolute top priority.   You would spend hours posting and searching sites like LinkedIn, and scanning online recruiters, asking your friends, and jumping on any leads.
On the other hand, finding love probably ranks pretty low on your to do list.  Think about it!

Do you spend hours texting, Facebooking, e-mailing, gabbing, Net surfing, or shopping on Amazon because you have nothing better to do? Is a demanding job swallowing up your whole life? Do you come home from work, run errands, answer some emails, text your friends, drink a bit too much, play your digital game or veg over your favorite show?  Are you better at planning your weekend or vacation than planning your dating life?

How about making a decision to change that in 2020?  One single, real decision to put your love life first and foremost will change…

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