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I got to sleep in this morning (well, until Riese woke up) – but yesterday I was up with the sun. 

It was super ugly outside, as you can see. 

dc sunrise view from rosslyn

Are you a social runner or a solo runner? 

I was telling my buddy Sokphal yesterday that I don’t know what I’d do without her in terms of early morning weekday runs! I just would not make it happen on my own… have to have someone to meet to be held accountable. 😉 

We took an artistic self-timer shot on Sokphal’s phone – we are barely in the frame but I love how cool the tree looks!

One last pic – I can’t help myself it was so pretty! Our view while we were running along the trail – we did an out and back on the Mt. Vernon Trail this week instead of crossing Memorial Bridge into DC. 

running on the GW parkway trail at sunrise

I got stuck in some traffic on the way to her place so we just had time for 3 instead of our usual 4 miles.

The faster (for me) pace felt good – it’s encouraging to see those paces inch down while effort feels similar! Progress. 

Post-run foam rolling with my helpful assistant along for the ride 😉

foam rolling with a toddler

My other fitness fun this week was an early yoga class with my friend Kathleen, and a super early pilates boot camp with my friend Jen.

It was an extra hard class this week – sooo many burpees and jumping lunges! 

As for food highlights this week, we had some yummy salmon tacos – this is one of my favorite easy dinners. Pan sear salmon in a little oil + some Mexican seasoning, then shred it and throw it into tortillas with guac, slaw, etc. 

Mine has a bite out of it from a pint-sized friend…

easy salmon tacos

If you love tacos and want another recipe idea, try my Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos – great for meatless Monday!

Another tasty meal was this saucy chicken dish – it was a Sun Basket (Ecuadorian Chicken Stew and really yummy.

chicken stew

Another yummy Sun Basket – a really flavorful Asian dish with rice cakes, ground pork, cabbage, and mushrooms. Riese was really into the rice cakes!

pork with rice cakes

We had some blueberry pancakes leftover from the weekend so I enjoyed those a couple times this week, too. 

leftover blueberry pancakes

I started reading the book Followers this week and it’s made going to bed early hard because I get so into it! It’s a well written and easy read and super engaging… check it out if you’re looking for something entertaining/terrifying (the premise of the book takes our current internet-obsessed culture and fast forwards into an extreme version in 2050… yikes).

Have a nice weekend guys! I’m doing a meal…

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