Meditation For Healing Your Love Relationship: My Valentine To You

Meditation for Healing Your Love Relationship

Meditation has been the cornerstone of spiritual practices for thousands of years. It has been proven by scientific research to be one of the most potent and lasting destressors. I believe that the reason it is so effective is that meditation can put you in touch with a Higher Power or the Infinite Loving Presence so that you become more benevolent and less emotionally reactive. You can see how being more at peace and less reactive could benefit you and your couple. Through meditation you give yourself a journey to being one with your Higher Power. Centered in this kind of consciousness, you will bring healing, emotional connection, truth, and solutions to those around you—and most especially to your Beloved. In that spirit, I’ve developed a guided meditation for healing your relationship. This meditation is my gift to you and your partner.

The Loving Mother (Angel or Goddess) Meditation

For those of you who want a longer guided mediation experience, I’ve developed one that can help you build love based on the archetype of an unconditionally loving mother. Not your real mother, even if she was unconditionally caring! If the word “mother” brings negative associations to mind, you can substitute “angel” or “goddess.” I’ve included a free MP3 Bonus download for readers of this post. Practicing this meditation will soothe your fears and build a more peaceful and empowered sense of self that helps you move forward with your Beloved.

Start by simply reading over the meditation. Then sit in a comfortable private place. Put on uplifting or inspirational music, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths to relax. Listen for about five minutes. After the music ends, turn on the recording you have downloaded. (Or if you would like, slowly reread each paragraph of the guided meditation to yourself and then take a few seconds to close your eyes and imagine it happening.) Let whatever images come up play out in your mind.

Practicing this guided imagery is like feeding yourself extremely nutritious food—but food you can use to build your mind and soul instead of your body. In this meditation you will be working with the imagery of purifying beams of light that come into your heart and then move like a bridge from there to your Beloved’s heart. It helps you develop positive associations about yourself and your relationship. Feel free to go with any other loving images that might come to mind as you do…

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