Classic And Alternative 24 Hour Itineraries For Helsinki

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Make the most of one day in Helsinki with our itinerary for 24 hours in Finland’s cool capital. We have one itinerary that covers the classic tourist attractions. And another itinerary based on tips from Helsinki locals. Moomins and saunas await. Each within a single day. 

As local Antti puts it, “Helsinki doesn’t just show you its secrets. You have to work a bit to get to know it, but that’s very rewarding.”

Can you see Helsinki in one day?

Yes! Well, not entirely, obviously. But you can have a great day and see plenty of the city. Finland’s icy capital rewards visitors with a compact centre and hot design. Snack on cloudberries and lingonberry cocktails in chrome bars, nourish your mind with modern museums, then strip off to join the locals in a traditional sauna. All possible in Helsinki in one day.


How to plan 1 day in Helsinki
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Just one day in Helsinki. In winter? No problem. Let's go!

Helsinki in One Day: Classic Sights

How this itinerary works

This 24 hour itinerary includes classic Helsinki attractions as well as a few unusual spots. I’ve divided suggestions into three blocks: morning, afternoon and evening. 

That way, you can easily slice and dice it depending on what time you arrive in the city. The recommended activities and places to eat flow within the itinerary. At the end, I’ve suggested some other places which don’t fit quite as neatly into this one day in Helsinki plan. If you have more time (or really want to miss one thing for another) then swap around as you prefer.

Also, as an exciting bonus, we have a one day in Helsinki itinerary for you curated wholly by locals via the ever excellent Spotted by Locals team.  

However you want to see the city, we have you covered!

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Finland - Helsinki - Oodi LIbrary internal spiral staircase

Don't get in a spin if you only have one day in Helsinki. Follow one of these itineraries instead! [Oodi Library Interior]

Morning in Helsinki

Button up against the cold and stride out to see Helsinki’s classic landmarks. Luckily, they’re clustered close together and walkable with the right footwear.

Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Helsinki has the glacial Helsinki Cathedral. It’s served as the city’s landmark since its completion in 1852 and the Senate Square gives the building space to breathe…

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