Homebound Weekend – FANNEtastic Food

Hi friends – I hope you are staying safe and healthy. These are confusing and scary times right now, and I am feeling incredibly grateful to have a warm home to hole up in and a stocked pantry/fridge. I know others are not so fortunate, and I have donated money to a local charity in hopes I can help a little. I hope you guys will consider doing so as well if you are able to. 

Our weekend was super low key; we cancelled all our plans for obvious reasons and stayed home, took family walks, played in the backyard, etc. We will be doing much of the same this week… and for who knows how many more weeks! Remember that social isolation doesn’t have to mean staying indoors, though – go get some fresh air, just not around other people! Fresh air always helps boost morale. 🙂

family walk

We also did LOTS of cooking this weekend!

On Saturday, I was in the mood for soup so I made us a big batch of chicken soup. I absolutely love homemade chicken soup – it’s so nourishing and tasty, and I love packing it with lots of veggies that I leave slightly still crunchy (vs. mushy) – creates such a nice hearty texture. 

veggies for homemade chicken soup

I decided to wing it and not follow a recipe, but if you are feeling the cooking this week too and want some inspiration, check out this post: 10 Easy Chili Recipes and Healthy Soups. 

For the chicken for the soup, I defrosted a few chicken breasts we had hanging out in the freezer and, once thawed, put them into the Instant Pot, covered them with water, and set it to 8 minutes on high. 

Once they were done I let the steam release naturally on its own, then took them out and shredded them. Easy! I love cooking chicken in the Instant Pot (<– affiliate link to the one I have… I have the Duo 6 quart version)… so hands off. 

instant pot shredded chicken

I also cooked some orzo for the soup separately because I didn’t want it to get super soggy in the leftovers – keep your grain/pasta separate from your soup if you are planning to save leftovers, and just combine right before eating! 

whole wheat orzo

As for the base of the soup, I started by sautéing minced garlic and diced onions in a large pot with some olive oil.

After a minute or two of stirring it around, I added in my carrots, celery, and mushrooms for a few more minutes of sautéing.

homemade chicken soup

Sidenote – our compost bin is still going strong!

I’ll do an update on this once the weather heats up and the food start breaking down more, but if you are looking for something to do while at home in the coming weeks, consider setting up a…

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