15 Matching Gifts To Make Long Distance Couples Feel Close In Heart

When you are in a long distance relationship, every day is a great day to send your significant other a gift. But choosing the right gift is not always easy. You might want something personal, but not too personal. You might want something that tells them how much you miss them, and that although they might be far away from you… they’re always on your mind and in your heart.

If so, think about getting a matching gift.

Don’t roll you’re eyes. I’m not recommending you run out and buy a pair of necklaces featuring a key and a heart (although if that’s your cup of tea there are plenty of options out there.) Instead, we’ve searched high and low outside the box to bring you 15 fun and thoughtful matching gifts for couples in long distance relationships.

Here are 15 meaningful matching gifts for couples in long distance relationships that are bound to score you a win.

A beautiful set of 20-oz wine glasses engraved with a cute picture that captures long distance love perfectly. I don’t know about you, but being in a long distance relationship frequently drives me to want to drink, so this present is just about perfect!

Matching “No Matter The Miles” Coffee Mugs

What do you need after drinking too much wine out of your fun LDR-perfect wine glasses? Yeah, some coffee. So check out this matching pair of mugs. Actually, check out ALL of BoldLoft’s fun, classy mugs for couples.

And what do you need after all that wine, followed by coffee? That’s right, sleep! Check out this pair of pillowcases (one for each of you). You might not be able to snuggle up together every night, but you can snuggle a pillow that reminds you of your love.

Believe created these “Distance Bracelets” to help long distance couples believe in their love, feel connected and trust that they will one day see each other again. Black Onyx is reputed to help release any negative emotions or stress, and the White Howlite is supposed to have a calming energy.

Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but no matter where they are, you can carry a reminder of them with you at all times. 

I love this idea! One of these slender bracelets spells out “Always” in morse code, the other one spells “Forever”. Keep one and give one to your other half. Or check out this classy set of bracelets that spell out “Mi Amor”. Another Morse-code bracelet I really love is this “I Am Always With You” option. Buy two and keep…

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