13 Tips On How To Get Inspired To Write For Your Blog

I will be honest with you, as a person that’s been blogging since 2016 almost always on a weekly basis, I’ve had my share of writer’s block. And I must say that not being able to write when you feel that you need to is one of the most annoying things that a writer can experience. No joke.

Knowing that there are many others out there that need help with this problem, I decided to create a list of 13 tips on how to get inspired to write for your blog.

I understand that sometimes there is absolutely nothing that one can do to get inspired, but there are a few things that I have found to be helpful. These are the strategies that come from my personal blogging experience. I hope that they can be of use to you as well.


How to get inspired to write!

1. Study other blogs

The first tip on how to get inspired to write for your blog concerns other blogs.

This is probably my most effective strategy. When I am out of inspiration to write, I simply search for other blogs in my niche and skim through their content. This gives me plenty of new ideas to work with.

But make sure you don’t plagiarize other bloggers. I’ve seen this done, and it’s nothing but ugly. This strategy is solely for the purpose of inspiration.

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2. Introduction comes last

I’ve talked about this in some of my other blog posts, but I will mention it once again. If you need to, leave the introduction until last! 

As a blogger, you must know that the introduction, just like the title of the article, needs to grab the reader’s attention. It needs to excite the reader so much that they would be hungry to read the rest of the text.

And unfortunately, creating an awesome introduction can be a nightmare. It puts so much pressure on us, writers, that we lose the desire to write anything at all. I can’t even recall anymore how many times I knew exactly what my blog post would be about, but after having sat for half an hour trying to script the “perfect” introduction, I lost 100% of my inspiration.

Solution? First you create an outline for your blog post, then you write the content, and finally, you finish off with your introduction.

The “introduction last” approach has two advantages:

1. By the time you get to the introduction, you are most likely in the “flow state“. In layman’s terms, this means that you are in the zone, your creativity is warmed up and ideas flow onto the computer screen naturally. Writing an intro at this point won’t be a big deal.

2. Since you now already know what the body content of your blog post is about, it’s waaaay easier to come up with a good introduction.

3. Postpone it for later

The most common way for writers to gain their inspiration back is to postpone the writing for later. This may be a couple of hours, a day, or it may be a whole week if you really need it. In the past, I would be a masochist and force myself to write every single week even if I felt like crying about it. The result? Crappy blog posts.

Today, I understand that postponing writing until later, till the time I have gained some of that inspiration back, is A LOT better than forcing yourself to write when you can’t.

There is no such thing as “forced inspiration”. If you really need it, allow yourself to skip a week.

And no, postponing writing due to lack of inspiration is NOT the same thing as procrastination.

4. Let the music flow

Some people prefer total silence when writing. However, I have noticed that if you put on some background music, preferably no lyrics in order to eliminate distraction, it can really boost the creative juices.

In my case, I prefer listening to lounge or jazz radio when I want to be more positive and humorous with my article, and ambient music when I am writing about something more serious. Try experimenting with music.

5. Decide on the topic in advance

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