How To Do Yoga Meditation In 10 Steps

Meditation or the practice of mindfulness is a yogic exercise that has almost taken this world by storm. It is probably the most popular form of health practice in the world. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the way Yoga and Meditation have spread throughout the planet which shows the vast relevance of these theories in one’s life. Millions of people from countries like US, Germany, Spain, UK, France, Mexico, etc. believe in the power of Yoga Meditation in relishing their life with health and beauty.

Although Meditation looks like a straightforward exercise, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to do it correctly. Have a look at these points of practicing Meditation in 10 steps.

Pre-Meditation Tips

Before beginning your practice of Meditation, find a peaceful place to practice. It is very important that you meditate in a space that is far from all kinds of noise. Yoga experts suggest Meditation should be practiced early in the morning, when the environment is calm and noise-free. Open air is considered the best to meditate as one can feel nature’s love. If there is a garden near your house, choose it as the spot of your meditation practice.

Settle in your place comfortably

Begin the practice by settling in your place. Lay the Yoga mat at your preferred spot and sit on it in a cross-legged position. Body posture is quite important while doing Yoga and Meditation. Make sure the spine is straight and the body parts are stable. Remain comfortable while you slowly get into the Meditation pose. Place your wrists on the respective knees. You can also fold your hands (palms), one upon other, in your lap. Drink some water before the practice.

Begin with deep breathing

In order to stay connected with the present moment, take a few deep breaths. The breaths should be audible and felt by you. Intense breathing makes one highly conscious and clears all the negativities from the mind. The process of inhaling and exhaling connects your mind and body with the soul. It is also responsible for relaxing the body and mind during Meditation.

Close your eyes

While you are in meditation pose, close your eyes and let the world disconnect from you. Bring the darkness of spirituality to your life while remaining connected with the soul. Although not many Meditation trainers advocate closing eyes during its practice, doing so helps a new practitioner resonate with the exercise better.


Meditation is all about focus and concentration….

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