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Hydration is vital for life, overall health and well being. Every organ, process, function, and intricate inner system of our human make-up requires water and hydration to do its job. And the type of water makes so much difference too … naturally sourced bottled water is better for you in every respect.

Generally speaking, you should be drinking around 2L of water per day and although at first glance this may sound like a lot- it really isn’t considering how important water and hydration is to our daily function- both inside and outside. We cleanse and bathe ourselves in water, brush our teeth, clean our face, do our laundry, clean our homes…we use water for everything! When we learn the value of it then we can appreciate every drop just that little bit more.



How to Stay Hydrated:

In order to stay hydrated try these top tips!

  • Drink the recommended 2l of water per day, and ideally not tap water – buy good quality, naturally sourced bottled water that enhances you from the inside out.

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that are naturally high in water- for instance, cucumbers and watermelon are over 90% water!

  • Avoid sodas and high sugar drinks that actually don’t quench your thirst. Fruit juices are great if they are naturally squeezed but you can add more water by mixing half juice/half water.

  • Limit alcohol, and caffeine intake, which dehydrates you. Remember that signs of dehydration will also be clearly visible on your skin- dry and lackluster skin may be a sign of this.

  • Drink water to avoid thirst- if you feel thirsty then the chance is, that you are already dehydrated. Sip on water regularly throughout the day! Try Miracle II’s Xtreme PH Water:  Since 1982 MIRACLE II have been manufacturing great quality natural products for use inside and out – and this includes water!


Miracle II’s Xtreme PH Water: Especially bottled for Miracle II LLC is High Alkaline unique Sports Water. 

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  • X-TREME PH™ SPORTS WATER is the only high alkaline water that achieves its high alkalinity of 9+ pH enhanced with the Miracle II plant-derived mixture of calcium, magnesium, and potassium

  • This is injected into its source water at very low levels for a TDS of less than 25 ppm per bottle!

  • Nothing else is added to X-TREME PH™ SPORTS WATER – NO dyes, NO sugars, NO caffeine, NO sweeteners, NO artificial flavors! 

The result you receive…

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