Moderate Exercise Just Three Times a Week And Eating Healthy Can Take 10 Years Off Your Brain Age


Victoria Allen Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Exercising three times a week and eating healthily could reverse the mental decline of ageing by almost a decade, according to a study. It found older people who exercised for around 100 minutes a week, coupled with a diet high in wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, scored better in tests measuring planning and organisational skills, which can fall away in older age. The study recruited 160 sedentary people with an average age of 65 who did not have dementia but had problems with decision-making and planning.  Brain age improved from 93 to 84 through moderate exercise and healthy eating  A quarter did 35-minute sessions of walking, cycling or jogging three times a week for six months, while eating a healthy diet. These people started out with an average mental age of 93, determined by a series of thinking-skills tests. But after six months, their mental age had improved to the level of an 84-year-old. Exercise and healthy diet are thought to improve thinking skills by helping the heart work better, thereby increasing blood flow to the brain. read more…

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