12 Lies You Subconsciously Believe (That Are Keeping You Stuck)

by Krista, creator of A Life in Progress

“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”
― S.E. Hinton

Most mornings I wake up drippy with gratitude and delight for this imperfect and beautiful life of mine. I can hardly believe how fortunate I am to connect with women around the world, have space to putter and read, a family to love, and opportunity to use my gifts to encourage and teach on a daily basis.

But not that long ago I lived stuck. Afraid to write, to try new things, to take a risk.

I was productive and busy, yet I wasn’t showing up fully to life nor doing my deepest work in the world. This was in large part because I hadn’t yet learned to examine and challenge my thoughts.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear but choosing to show up even when we’re afraid.

In a similar vein, living a purposeful life doesn’t mean having life all figured out or always feeling confident but choosing to live awake and with intention each step of the way.

I choose to live on purpose.

When we decide to step out and forge a life off the beaten path or one fully aligned to our core values and highest priorities, resistance tends to arise. Comparison and perfectionism clamor aggressively for our attention. And fear spins subtle lies or half-truths to keep us distracted and mired in complacency.

We need to wake up to the thoughts we believe about our worth and capacity to do hard things, so we can separate fact from fiction, challenge the lies, and continue forging ahead with joy and on purpose.

Challenge these lies for a purposeful life:

1. My dream is impossible. It’s too big and will take too long.

When there is a huge gulf between where we are and what we want, we can feel incredibly discouraged. How will we ever get “over there?” Be willing to be a beginner and break that big vision down into micro-steps and take the longer view; if it’s worth having then it’s worth slow and steady work. We build a sense of competency as we experience small wins by focusing on small, consistent, purposeful steps. Bigger and faster are not always better qualities.

2. I’ll never be able to measure up or keep up.

This may very well be true … if your job was to measure up or keep up with everyone else. But your job is to walk out your unique vision, to honor your wiring and build a “right-sized life.” Perfectionism will keep us from even starting but we can loosen our grip on a need for our life or dream to look exactly one way and choose to…

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