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Massage is a highly effective way of helping to improve blood flow and circulation, create inner calm, and improve the function of your lymphatic system- all this as well as a whole host of other benefits such as improving the tone and complexion of your skin. There are many benefits to massage that can help you feel better and look better too.

Massage has been around for many centuries; ancient cultures embraced massage as a way to treat common ailments and imbalances as well as more terminal diseases and conditions. Massage is a safe, wholly natural, and potent option to remedy pain, stress, and anxiety, all the while providing great benefits to your skin. Massage uses gentle friction to help eliminate dead skin cells, this enables the fresh cells to rise to the surface- removing impurities and regenerating your skin to achieve a healthier glow internally and of course, externally.

Stress is something that we all suffer with from time to time, and it is the way in which we manage it that makes all the difference… massage helps us to do this by nourishing our circulatory processes and empowering the natural flow of our body. It is simply a great way to relax as well as rejuvenate. Our cells and tissues are masters of regeneration but we can give them a helping hand through massage!

Here are some other benefits to your health by utilizing the power of massage!

  • Enhance immune function by assisting in cell regeneration

  • Soften and hydrate skin through increased blood flow and removal of toxins

  • Improve the function of the sweat glands to encourage the excretion of waste products more effectively

  • Energizes you and revitalizes your skin- a youthful glow can be achieved through regular massage- stress really messes with every part of our body but that inner chaos can be calmed and alleviated through massage techniques!

So, what’s the simplest way to start incorporating massage into your daily schedule without needing to make an appointment at a parlor or spa? Dry brushing of course! Dry brushing is a way to bring massage into your home so you can begin reaping the benefits mentioned above.

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it deserves to be treated with plenty of care and respect. The health and wellbeing of your skin are also linked to other organs and internal systems throughout your body – so while you may not think that the health of your skin has anything…

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