Here’s How To Quit Sugar

Chances are you probably already know how bad sugar is for you. It’s no secret that the stuff is totally addictive and ridiculously unhealthy. And while your sweet tooth may definitely be the culprit of your weight gain, sugar addiction doesn’t just impact your waistline, but your overall physical and mental health.

Once you manage to finally kick the addiction and rid yourself of that sweet tooth, you’ll see how natural it is to shed the extra pounds that you’ve been carrying around for years. In addition, you’ll become more focused and alert, and you’ll feel physically energized.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted to Sugar?

Let’s start by acknowledging that not everyone who has a sugar addiction is aware of it. You may think that your food choices are healthy when in reality, your daily diet is actually sprinkled with sugar.

Your sugar addiction may be flying just under the radar if you:

  • Choose flavored yogurt over plain
  • Generously use condiments
  • Douse your salads in dressing
  • Add chocolate chips to your trail mix
  • Order flavored coffee
  • Stock up on granola bars

If you’re craving sweets throughout the day for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, you have a sugar addiction. But pay attention to the little things as well. The way in which you choose to prepare your healthy meals can also point toward a sugar addition.

There are so many good reasons to quit sugar for good, but first, let’s explore how your sugar addiction is harming your health.

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How Sugar Impacts Your Health

Sugar and weight gain are closely related, but so are sugar and many other health problems. Consuming sugar doesn’t just cause your body to hold on to fat; it also increases inflammation throughout the body, leading to a whole slew of symptoms and even chronic disease long term.

There are almost too many health conditions to list, but some of the major ones that have been linked to excess sugar consumption include:

How Sugar Impacts Your Health

In addition to all these health problems, sugar addiction itself can have a significant impact on your life. Like every other addiction, it occupies your thoughts and takes over until you get your next fix. It causes you to empty your wallet on sweets and treats that your body undoubtedly could do without.

That crash in energy that you experience during the day is a direct result of your giving-in to that sweet tooth. Sugar and refined carbohydrates cause a rise in blood sugar levels, followed closely by a…

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