Quick Sun-dried Tomato Olive And Spinach Pasta

Perfect for those nights where you are not inspired or super crunched for time, this Quick Sun-dried Tomato Olive and Spinach Pasta is ready in just as much time as it take to cook a pot of spaghetti. The true kicker is it's so good, it's totally company-worthy! 

If there was one dish that I would absolutely not mind eating every single week, and even several times a week, it would be this one. In fact, I always make sure to have all the ingredients needed to make it on hand, in my fridge and pantry.  

This beauty has instantly become a big favorite in this household, and with reason. I mean, not only does this dish come together super quickly (you'll probably have to wait on your pasta being ready before you can toss them in with the rest of the stuff) but it's also crazy delicious. So good in fact, it's totally company worthy. Especially if said company happens to show up last minute and unannounced. No big deal. If that happens, just do a double, or even triple batch. Be warned though: if you serve them this Sun-dried Tomato Olive and Spinach Pasta, there's a good chance that they'll make a habit of showing up on the fly like that. 

And if you're cooking just for yourself, you can just as easily halve the recipe. Or do a full batch and reheat the leftovers later. 

Seriously this is a recipe you will want to know by heart – and won't have a hard time learning either! 

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