Learn How To Master Crow Pose With This Step-By-Step Tutorial

One of the first “advanced” postures I learned was Crow Pose (Bakasana). This arm balance makes me feel strong, graceful, and unstoppable.

It requires almost complete full-body muscular engagement from the toes to the fingertips. It also requires a steady gaze and even steady breathing. Most of all, Crow Pose requires a strong core and a sense of fearlessness.

Not only is Bakasana a full-body-engagement posture, but it also flexes the muscles of the mind because it requires a courage not usually found in adult exercises. You have to face the fear of falling flat on your face (literally).

Crow Pose requires a sense of fearlessness.

Even though the distance between your forehead and the mat might only be a foot or so, it is completely natural to feel a little hesitant to move forward. When you conquer that fear, you’ll feel like you’re flying on top of the world!

Additionally, Crow Pose also increases upper body and core strength, and reduces upper back tightness, as well as strengthening the abdominal muscles and the Sacral Chakra.

So, let’s try it!

Here Is Your Step-By-Step Crow Pose (Bakasana) Yoga Tutorial:

Let’s break down this asana step-by-step, so you can master this arm balance in no time!


1. Set Your Foundation

Plant your palms on the ground shoulder-width apart. Spread your fingers really wide to create an unshakable foundation.

2. Hug Your Knees to Your Armpits


Your knees can be lower on your triceps (just above your elbows), but the closer you can get your knees toward your armpits, the more grounded you will feel. This is because you’ll be closer to your midline.

3. Find Your Drishti


A lot of people start Crow Pose by gazing at their fingers. But your body tends to follow your gaze. If you look toward your fingers, you might end up somersaulting instead of flying!

Instead, shift your gaze forward on your mat about a foot in front of your fingertips.

4. Create a Chaturanga Shape With Your Arms


Now that your fingers, knees, and gaze are in position for Bakasana, it’s time to begin to execute the pose.

Find “chaturanga arms” by bending your elbows. Keep your elbows stacked over your wrists. Feel your body weight shift into your hands and fingertips. This alone can feel very unnatural!

But once you learn to trust your fingers, you can conquer any arm balance!

5. Play With Hovers


From here, lift one foot off the ground. Engage your core and find a Cat-Pose…

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