Mindful Travel: 8 Tips To Have a Fuller, More Mindful Experience

In this day and age, traveling has become just another means for taking perfect Instagram pictures. People travel not because they want to see something new but because they want to be seen in a new environment.

Before social media became so popular, though, people traveled for their own pleasure. The moments they experienced and captured were theirs alone, serving as cherished memories and not tools for gathering likes.

With that in mind, if you like traveling, and you want to find a way to appreciate all the new things you see, here are a few tips that should help you experience your trips to the fullest.

1. Put technology away

First things first, leave technology at home. If you use your phone for taking pictures or listening to music, use it without Internet access. Consider investing in a digital camera; the battery lasts longer, and the photos are often of better quality.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think about documenting your experience or texting your friends. You can do all that when you get home.

2. Travel with a purpose

Don’t travel just for the sake of traveling. You cannot truly appreciate what you see if you don’t actually want to see it.

So, before you decide on the destination, think about the purpose of your trip. Why do you want to go there, what is it that you want to see or do?

Take the time to set some goals, no matter how small, and work on achieving them during your trip.

3. Engage with the locals

With a map or two and a guide book, you can easily see whatever you want without talking to a single person. However, that’s not a way to be mindful. You need to talk to people, learn about their culture, their life.

Put down your guide book and ask locals for recommendations. Just say “hello,” and see where it takes you. After all, everybody has a story to tell, and you never know whose story could inspire you.

4. Take it slow

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Traveling can become hectic when there are so many things you want to see but not enough time to see them all. Often you end up rushing from one site to another just so you can say that you’ve seen it. However, by doing so, you deny yourself the one chance you have to savor and process each experience.

You know what they say – less is more. So allow some breathing room in your plans. Don’t stress about not being able to see everything in one trip.

5. Go at your own pace

To be able to appreciate a new environment, you should explore it at your own pace. This is especially…

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