5 Superhero Traits To Apply To Your Finances

Summer is prime time for superhero movies at the theater. After taking in Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Homecoming, I can’t help but think that the qualities these heroes and heroines display can be applied to managing our personal finances.

While most of us don’t have the seemingly unlimited financial resources of some superheroes (like Tony Stark, Ironman or Bruce Wayne, Batman), we can model their superhero qualities by managing the money we have in “heroic” ways.

1. Developing Extraordinary Powers (or Skills)

Unlike Superman, whose abilities are inborn, superheroes like our millionaire examples Ironman and Batman are ordinary people whose extraordinary skills can be mostly attributed to intense training and practice. Even a superhero like Spiderman, who wakes up one day mysteriously gifted with abilities, still needs to go through the process of learning how to use them.

It’s the same with developing powerful financial skills.
Sometimes that skill is learning how to control yourself – and your propensity to spend. Even Ironman Tony Stark had the human failing of impulsiveness, especially when it came to his spending. You won’t fix everything overnight, and you’ll undoubtedly fail along the way, but gaining power over your finances can enable you to do the heroic things you’ve been wanting to.

Regardless of whether you have in-born abilities to crunch numbers or choose good stocks, most financial skills take practice and years of experience. Many times, the greatest financial powers come only through education. Just as many superheroes study and learn to use technology, chemistry, and the laws of physics to fight smarter, not harder, pursuing financial education can help you gain the money management powers that are most effective for each situation.

2. An Ability to Face Fears

Superheroes aren’t necessarily fearless – they face their fears and beat them down. Think of Bruce Wayne, who looked his fear of bats in the face — and made his enemies do so, too. Just as having strong phobias can hold you back from living life to the fullest, being afraid or anxious about certain aspects of your finances (such as a spending or debt problem) can hold you back from a financially-free life lifestyle.

3. A Moral Code

One thing that sets most superheroes apart from the villians is their commitment to a moral code. They won’t kill; they won’t cheat; they won’t steal – you get the picture. Ultimately, this is what helps them…

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