Top 10 Healthy Chicken Nugget Recipes For Kids

healthy homemade chicken nuggets
healthy homemade chicken nuggets

Ditch the frozen nuggets! Try one of these top healthy homemade chicken nugget recipes you can feel proud to serve your kids.

Is there any food with more classic kid-appeal than chicken nuggets? Those crispy, hand-held bites are easy-to-chew, energy-dense, and just begging for a ramekin of ketchup or barbecue sauce.

As a parent, you might have an ambivalent relationship with chicken nuggets. Your kids probably LOVE THEM. And you can’t beat the convenience of pre-made nuggets. But you know that chicken nuggets from the freezer section or the drive-thru are usually loaded with sodium, low-quality meats, and highly-refined fats.

Homemade chicken nuggets take a little time to make, but they’re not hard, and the freshness and nutrition of homemade beats that of anything out of a box!

So… we invite you pass on the drive-thru. Ditch the frozen nuggets. And take your weekend lunch to the next level with one of these healthy, kid-approved chicken nugget recipes.

baked chicken nuggets with ketchup for dipping

These classic crispy baked chicken nuggets use whole wheat crumbs and whole chicken pieces for a nourishing take on your kids’ favorite lunch.

We used cooked ground chicken in these super-soft nuggets for a soft texture that’s easy for toddlers to chew.

Quinoa makes a surprisingly crispy and delicious coating for homemade chicken nuggets. Dredge the chicken in gluten-free flour for a totally wheat-free nugget.

chicken nuggets fruit and veggies in a lunchbox

A  dash of Creole seasoning gives these homemade nuggets a punch of flavor (that your kids can still manage!)

crispy baked chicken nuggets

These ranch chicken bites look deliciously crunchy, and combine two flavors kids flip for.

crispy buffalo chicken nuggets with veggiesGot kids who can handle a little kick? Try these crispy buffalo chicken nuggets. We love how the carrots and celery make a natural pairing with these flavors.

coconut chicken tenders

Tender, or nugget? Either way, they’re delicious! Coconut flakes lend super texture and flavor to this chicken.

parmesan chicken nuggets on a plate with salad

Because everything’s better with cheese! These nuggets mix Parmesan into the bread crumb coating for an extra-crispy, savory crust.

air fryer chicken nuggets with ketchup

If you have an air fryer, get ready for super-crunchy, delicious chicken nuggets in no time flat!

freezer chicken nuggets on a plate with ketchup

If you just can’t give up the convenience of pulling chicken nuggets out of the freezer, here’s a recipe to make ahead and freeze. We love the whole wheat flour and crumbs in this recipe.

Go forth. Make nuggets!

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