Poo Shouldn’t Be Taboo! Giant Poo Bag Sculpture Revealed At Crufts

Raw and natural pet food expert Natures Menu surprises Crufts visitors with four-metre-high poo bag installation!

Poo Bag Challenge highlights the benefits of raw feeding

With research revealing that 10 million* dog and cat owners are not fully aware of what’s in their pet’s food, Natures Menu has today unveiled a four-metre-high poo bag sculpture at Crufts to highlight the back-end benefits of a complete, raw and natural diet.

A poll of 2,000 UK pet owners** shows that the nation’s knowledge of pet food ingredients is extremely low, with over 62% (equating to 10 million out of 17 million total dog and cat owners in the UK) admitting they are not fully aware of what they are feeding their pet.

More than half say they don’t know some mainstream pet foods contain sugar, meat derivatives, processed ingredients and artificial additives, and that these ingredients can cause digestion problems such as an upset stomach, loose stools and flatulence. All of which can result in a particularly unpleasant experience for any dog owner who is left to pick up the mess!

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager for Natures Menu comments: “Today at Crufts we’re talking about a bit of a taboo subject – dog poo! Many owners are unaware of the hidden nasties in some mainstream pet food and that sloppy or overly hard, crumbly, misshapen, discoloured or even foul-smelling or black coloured faeces can be just one of the many side effects of poor digestion and a bad diet.

“Our aim is to highlight the back-end-benefits of a complete raw diet and how it can result in improved wellbeing with smaller, firmer, less smelly poos, in just a matter of days. This year at Crufts, we have laid down the Poo Bag Challenge, offering dog owners the opportunity to receive a free Natures Menu food trial for their four-legged friends, so they can visibly see for themselves the digestive benefits of raw.”

Nutritionally balanced, complete raw feeding aims to give dogs a diet appropriate to their digestive systems and as close as possible to what they might have eaten in the wild. It has been shown to have a positive impact on a pet’s health and wellbeing on countless occasions.

As well as improved digestion, reported benefits have included cleaner, fresher breath, a softer and shinier coat, increased vitality and healthier weight – to name but a few.

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