6 Partner Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship

One of the fundamental values of a relationship is connection. Partner yoga, or yoga where you practice the poses with another person, is an amazing (and fun!) way to strengthen your relationship.

The basic definition of yoga, coincidentally, means union. Relationships, much like yoga, are a practice that constantly unfolds before our eyes. We learn, we change, and we grow.

Partner yoga is an amazing (and fun!) way to strengthen your relationship.

It is when the mind, body, and spirit unite that we feel this progression within both yoga and our relationships. To deepen our practices in both, we must open our minds to new feelings, thoughts, and actions.

In a modern world where we are so technologically based, it is extra important that we continue to have true, human-based connections, such as the essence of touch.

Here Are 6 Partner Yoga Poses That Are Sure to Strengthen Your Relationship:

Grab your loved one and try these six partner yoga poses to deepen the connection the two of you share. Find a sense of safety, trust, laughter, playfulness, and unconditional love.

1. Seated Spinal Twist


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Twisting postures work to detoxify the body, aid in digestion, and promote a healthy spine and back. In a Seated Spinal Twist, you work to lengthen the space between your vertebrae to promote energy. When we slump, our energy levels drop, which can affect our mood and how we communicate with others emotionally.

How it Strengthens Your Relationship: To find a positive flow in life and with your partner, you must first rid the body of unwanted blockages. Getting into this posture with your partner makes for an even deeper twist, “ringing” both bodies out and making space together.


2. Boat Pose


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This pose is all about strengthening the core. Your core strength is key for the rest of your body to thrive, since it connects your upper and lower torso. It also houses your vital organs and protects your nervous system.

How it Strengthens Your Relationship: We must also strengthen our emotional core to promote an environment of positivity, connectivity, and innermost wellbeing.

Doing this pose with a partner allows you to work even harder as you straighten your legs, press the soles of your feet into each other’s, and create a line of powerful energy throughout your bodies. Elongating your arms to interlock with your partner’s will give you a stretch from…

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