The Benefits Of Having An Addictive Personality

My friends have a running joke that if I'm awake 14 hours, I'm eating 16 hours. People used to be amused by how my 3-year-old self could decimate an entire comb of 30 bananas in an hour.

I have an addictive personality courtesy of ADHD. Sensation, stimulation, and intensity drive me. Many things give me that glorious adrenaline rush and sense of satisfaction, and then I want a faster and bigger repeat. My eating habits aren't the only example—anyone familiar with the vastness of my color-coded wardrobe, shoe collection, and books knows I'm not exaggerating.

If you experience mania or have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, you may also know an addictive personality intimately. The shame around how you're “not normal” or have “little self-control” hurts. It may also be shrouded in secret: Like high-functioning anxiety, when our lives seem normal on the surface, it feels a bit too much to be complaining about how our addictive behaviors are affecting us, so we suffer in silence.

If you have an addictive personality, know that you are not alone. And just like any form of neurodiversity, your condition doesn't need to be a curse—in fact, you can actually find ways to leverage it.

As long as you're managing any of its negative impact on your life, here are just a few benefits to having an addictive personality:

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