Digestive discomfort is something we may all suffer with from time to time, and of course, this includes our children too. Children can be exposed to many potential bugs and viruses through school and whilst at play, and so it makes sense to think of your children when contemplating the best digestive and immune support.

When your digestive system is weakened through poor eating habits and ineffective or inadequate gut health/support, it leaves you and your family at the mercy of digestive conditions such as bloating, gas, constipation, as well as more chronic conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Bugs and viruses can rapidly make their way into the gut causing nausea or diarrhea and our immune system can really struggle to fend off these infections without the right back up!



Getting the right digestive support

Getting the right digestive support is vital for your gut health and keeping bugs and viruses at bay. Probiotics mean “for life”, and so ensuring you and your family include probiotics as part of your daily nutrition is a great first step to make toward improved digestive support.

Probiotics are “live/active” microorganisms; they are the “good” or “friendly” bacteria, which help to strengthen the gut for better balance, gastrointestinal wellness and function. Probiotics have a host of other benefits too such as:

  • Improving immune function

  • Lowering cholesterol

  • Preventing cases of diarrhea, gas, bloating and other digestive imbalances/viruses

  • Reducing the levels of inflammation within the gut/body and disease prevention

  • Potentially play a role in alleviating or perhaps even preventing allergies as they are great supporters of our immune system



Here are a few other ways to increase digestive support for you and your family:

  • Eat a diet that is high in fiber to keep your digestive tract healthy -allowing food to pass through your system and reducing the instances of constipation. Be sure to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, and grains. And if your children aren’t keen on these foods, look for ways to lovingly sneak them into lunches, dinners and healthy desserts! Try fruit salads or fun-looking vegetable kebabs.​

  • Drink Water! Staying hydrated is one of the best favors you could do for your digestion and overall health. Fiber draws water into the colon to create softer, healthier stools. Limit sugary sodas…

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