20 Fantastic Gifts For Travelers That Cost Less Than $25

Christmas–the season of gifts, stocking stuffers, and (hopefully) togetherness–is almost upon us. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Here at Modern Love, we know that many of you will be traveling to spend the holidays with loved ones. Christmas shopping can be tough when you’re traveling, and just as tough when you’re the one buying gifts for a traveler.

Ideally, presents for travelers should be portable, useful, and affordable–not to mention something your friends and family might like. Since it can be such a hard thing to identify perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for a traveler, we’ve put together a list of ideas to get you thinking.

How many times have you found your cords all tangled together, or lost your iPod, phone, e-reader, phone charger, etc in the chaos inside your suitcase? This slim case has enough pockets and loops to hold all of your cords, flash drives, memory cards, and small devices.

Have you ever gotten nailed for excess baggage fees? I have, and it can really cost you (hello, $338 in Bangkok airport… that one still stings.) These tiny luggage scales (and reading the fine print on your ticket, which was actually my problem in Bangkok) can help make sure that you don’t make an expensive mistake.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who is more of a “horrendous daily commute” traveler than the “backpacking around Turkey” type. It’s easy to clean, it autoseals between sips, and it’ll keep that 20 ounces of coffee hot for up to five hours.

Some people have the gift of keeping a suitcase neat. Others of us… not so much. And tearing your carefully packed bag apart looking for your one pair of black underwear is really annoying. The answer?? Packing cubes. This set of four packing cubes can add order and sanity to ANY traveler’s suitcase. Even mine.

While we’re talking all things beverage… anyone who loves wine and travels will regularly run into the problem of how, exactly, to get their carefully curated collection of wine home. This set of 4 reusable wine protector sleeves will take the worry out of transporting wine (well, except for worrying about whether you’re going to get all four bottles through customs, that is).

The cheapest travel gift on the list, this weighs in at an impressive $3.99 (and 0.3 ounces), but it will be worth far more than that to anyone who wants to pack along more than one memory card. This small case holds 20 memory or SIM cards (12 regular…

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