How To Get Ready For The Summer Glow

The approach of summer is a great time to re-evaluate your health and beauty routine. As much as our concern may veer toward our external appearance at this time, we also need to pay heed to our internal health. We glow on the outside when the inside is in balance.

It is what we eat that affects the whiteness and strength of our teeth. It is what we nourish ourselves with that provides better health and an external glow, and it is what we do that builds strength and consistency in our health routine. 

Without a clean, white smile we lose a level of confidence in our physical appearance. So, in order to maintain that self-confidence, we need to look after our smile. Here are some tips to look after your teeth and oral health for summertime and beyond!

  • Over time teeth become stained and appear more yellowy when we overdo things like coffee, tea, certain types of alcohol. Ideally, limit your intake of teeth-staining food and drinks. Use great quality toothpaste that is specifically designed for removing such stains.

  • Brush well at least twice a day and use natural teeth whitening products such as bicarbonate of soda, coconut oil, and of course, activated charcoal is also great for oral health as well as a great smile.

  • Eat a diet that includes Calcium-rich foods helps to strengthen teeth enamel. If you are sensitive to dairy… don’t worry! There are many non-dairy foods high in calcium such as sardines, salmon, nuts and seeds (try poppy, sesame and chia seeds), leafy greens, and beans and lentils.

  • Drink water in place of high-sugar sodas. High sugar drinks are extremely damaging to your teeth and gums. The same goes for having too much acid in your diet.


And what of the rest of your body? How can you achieve that summertime glow that radiates health and vitality?

The answer is really simple, you just need to make better, more informed choices about your health. No one is perfect and living up to ideals is challenging and futile most of the time, but better choices that make sense for you and your needs is what truly counts. Here are some more tips for you!

  • Assess your health honestly and outline the things you want to change and improve. Keep the list short so as not to overwhelm you. Think of up to 3 small adjustments, that can really create a big impact for you.

  • Give yourself time by doing one good thing for your health at a time.

  • Go natural whenever you can….

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