8 Ways To Make A “Highlights Reel” Of Your Long Distance Relationship

Have you ever come across a skeptical person who just can’t get their head around the fact that your long-distance relationship is a real, loving, and meaningful relationship? Yeah, I think many of us have.

But did you know that research suggests that long-distance relationships can actually be deeper and more meaningful than ones where you get to see your significant other every day? The distance between you can make you communicate better! And you learn to cherish your phone calls, text messages and moments together a lot more.  

Sure, a long-distance relationship takes effort, commitment, trust, patience, and love. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult in that moment to remember all the great things the relationship has to offer. But you know what can really help with this? Remembering all your best moments together! And you know what can help with that? Making a highlights reel of your relationship—a record that recaps your favorite amazing moments.

So without
further ado, here are 8 ideas for how
you can create this sort of “highlights reel of long distance love” for

1. Save your best text messages and print them into a book

Especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can send a gazillion text messages back and forward, am I right?

Sometimes you’ll be texting about serious stuff, or updates on
your day. Sometimes they’ll be lovey-dovey sweet messages that warm your heart.
And sometimes they’ll make you burst out laughing.

Over time, though, most of these sweet moments will get lost in
the daily flow of chat messages.

Not any more. With the app called ‘Deary’, you can retrieve your most meaningful text messages and save them into your own diary or print into a book.

Forget taking screenshots of your most loving or funny messages. The app pre-selects your best messages. Then you can then decide whether you would like to keep or discard these messages. Over time, the messages that you save will create your own diary, populated with funny, sweet, or meaningful moments sent between the two of you that you can revisit whenever you want. You can even have the messages printed into your own personal book.

2. Create a photo album

Have you taken many beautiful photos together? Or lots of fun
and silly selfies? Another great way to
capture your relationship would be to create a photo album.

Select the most…

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