Maple-Bourbon Pecan Salad (Video) – Iowa Girl Eats

Maple-Bourbon Pecan Salad is no run of the mill side salad! Full of tasty toppings, including salted Maple-Bourbon Pecans (YUM), this gluten free salad recipe will impress. Sponsored by Fisher Nuts.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s officially shower season (I’ve got one to attend this weekend!) That said, April usually kicks off all things wedding and baby, so today I’m sharing a stunning salad recipe that’s suitable to serve at either of said celebrations.

Somebody smack me.

As I mentioned last week, Ben and I recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. As I was looking through our wedding photos reminiscing (so young, so tan, so well rested!) I came across pictures of a bridal shower my friend’s Mom threw for me leading up to the big day. It was such a sweet event with all my best high school friends and included a beautiful sit down lunch complete with china, linen napkins, and a dainty yet delectable spread.

Had Maple-Bourbon Pecan Salad been created at the time, it would have been perfect to serve at the shower. Not only is it stunning and special-occasion-worthy, but seriously scrumptious (THOSE PECANS!) One thing my girls and I all have in common is that we love to eat. Bonus points for looking nice, but it has to be delicious, and Maple-Bourbon Pecan Salad is checking all the boxes.

First thing’s first – this recipe is sponsored by my friends at Fisher Nuts. As you know, we’ve been working together for the past five years whipping up crunchy, drippy, downright decadent dishes featuring their fresh, preservative-free nuts which provide texture and flavor to anything they’re added to.

I created the totally epic, salted Maple-Bourbon Pecans featured in this salad recipe using their Pecan Halves which come in a resealable bag so they stay fresher, longer. The resealable bag also prevents dreaded pantry spills – chocolate chip and shredded coconut companies need to get with the program, right?

You can buy Fisher Nuts at Walmart, both online and in stores, and I’ve finally found them at HyVee in the baking aisle, too!

This perfect-for-entertaining salad recipe features fresh greens topped with tons of goodies (the only kinds of salads that exist in my universe.) Sliced Honeycrisp apples, thinly sliced shallots, dried cranberries, crumbled chevre, and the most incredible Maple-Bourbon Pecans which take all of 5 minutes to make.

Drizzled with homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette, it’s the perfect…

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