Scientists Dispel The Most Common Sleep Myths In A New Study

There's a common belief that having a drink before bed helps you sleep. Well, according to this study, there's scientific evidence that drinks before bed inhibit someone reaching a deep sleep, which is essential for healthy functioning.

The study suggests that some sleep advice, like whether or not to sleep in occasionally, is disputed among sleep experts. In light of these debates, the researchers point to the need for more research to provide clarity on certain contended myths.

“Sleep is important to health, and there needs to be greater effort to inform the public regarding this important public health issue,” said the study's senior investigator Girardin Jean Louis, Ph.D., a professor in the departments of Population Health and Psychiatry at NYU Langone, in a statement.

The researchers suggest that doctors can play a critical role in dispelling sleep myths by speaking with their patients about healthy sleeping habits. “By discussing sleep habits with their patients, doctors can help prevent sleep myths from increasing risks for heart disease, obesity, and diabetes,” said Jean Louis.

There isn't a perfect prescription for getting adequate sleep but with more science-backed knowledge and tips to build healthier sleep habits we can all work toward getting some more quality zzz's.

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