Weekend Recap + Intuitive Eating Talk – FANNEtastic Food | Registered Dietitian Blog

Hi friends! First things first – a huge good luck shout out to any of you running the Boston Marathon today!

I wish I were there to cheer in person, but I’m excited to follow along virtually. 

While we’re talking about running, let’s start this post off with my weekend run, shall we?

I always really look forward to my weekend run dates with friends.

Yesterday’s run was with friends Diane and Paul, who I hadn’t seen in ages. I’ve missed running with them!

We started at Roosevelt Island and ran from there along the Potomac and then over the bridge into DC by the tidal basin/Jefferson Memorial. 

running the tidal basin in dc

It was really humid out – my first time wearing shorts to run this season! Probably should have gone the tank top route, too – oh well. 

I was proud because we ended up making it 5 miles! I’ve been doing mostly 3 or 4 milers lately and can’t remember the last time I made it 5… felt good to push it a little. 

I forgot to start my watch, so here is Diane’s:

When I got home I threw together a homemade variation of huevos rancheros for myself, Matt, and Riese: corn tortillas + guac + black beans + fried eggs + chili garlic hot sauce. 

post run fuel - homemade huevos rancheros

Riese had guac mixed with black beans and some bites of egg and tortilla from our plates.

She doesn’t like plain avocado, or plain black beans, but she loves guacamole, and black beans mixed into things!

baby food idea guacamole and black beans

Other highlights this weekend included burgers + fries on Friday night with some friends (unsurprisingly, Riese LOVES fries just like her mommy):

And last night Matt and I had a couple friends over to watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones (so good)!

The other highlight from the past few days was that on Friday morning I had the privilege of speaking at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics DC chapter’s annual meeting!

Fellow dietitians Heather Caplan, Kelly Jones, and I spoke about applying the intuitive eating philosophy (and weight inclusive care) to various areas of dietetics and nutrition work.

dcmand annual meeting talk

We each gave 20-ish minute presentations, then did some case studies and took questions at the end. 

I don’t believe there is a recording available, but I’ll check in case any of you are interested. intuitive eating presentation at DCMAND

Have a great day, and I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday with a new recipe!