Fare Error Deals & Insanely Cheap Flights

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Is there anything better than finding an airline fare error, and booking an unbelievably cheap flight?

To most travelers, probably not; however, the question isn’t whether finding flight glitch deals is worthwhile. It’s where to actually find them.

Luckily, in this blog post, I share the answer. 

Social media and online forums are good places to find flight error deals.

The problem with these options, though, is that you need to monitor them closely. For many, this isn’t feasible. 

Another option is to use an error fare website. 

These typically cost money, though with the amount you’ll save on flights the small price for access to glitch airfares and sales is worth it, even if you only book one flight all year. 

For instance, I recently started using Mighty Travels Premium, a platform that collects and analyzes airfare data from around the world to help travelers snag incredible deals to anywhere and everywhere, and who have graciously sponsored this post.

They offer a 30-day free trial, which means you can join for free to start immediately booking cheap airfare. In fact, on average you’ll save $190 per ticket. 

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Find Cheap Flights & Error Fares

Upon logging in, a few deals I see right off the bat from New York include:

  • New York – Orlando for $96 round-trip
  • New York – Athens for $348 round-trip
  • New York – London for $381 round-trip
  • New York – Paris for $275 round-trip
  • New York – Marrakesh for $437 round-trip
  • New York – Guangzhou for $428 round-trip

Keep in mind, Mighty Travels Premium offers more than just a flight search engine. 

I’ll talk about some other features below. 

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How To Score Fare Error Deals & Insanely Cheap Flights

Note that Mighty Travels Premium does not earn a commission from airlines or online travel agencies (aside for Momondo, which pays them a fixed fee).

They are completely data-driven, with a focus on finding incredible flight deals, including error fares. 

Each day, they look at 3,000+ major airports around the world, and 450,000+ fares.

Mighty Travels Premium divides the globe into 11 regions, with users receiving about 200-300 deal fares per day for their region. 

Mighty Travels Premium regions

Screenshot of the regions in Mighty…

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