31 Growth Mindset Coloring Pages For Your Kids Or Students


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If you want to ensure
that children will achieve success and happiness, help them develop the right

Empower them and help
them to believe that they are capable of learning and becoming better. Teach
them the right strategies for improving their skills.

Teach them the value of
making an effort. Encourage them to rise again after experiencing failure. Help
them cultivate resilience.

Have you ever heard
children make the following statements?

“I am great at this!”

“Nobody can beat me at

“I’m just not good at math.”

“I suck at art big

These remarks are all
reflections of a child’s mindset. There is a hint of finality with these
statements—that the speakers’ abilities will never change, even if they try.
The above statements are all examples of a fixed mindset.

To counter this, you can
teach children to develop a growth mindset. This is when children believe that we humans
have the ability to grow, learn, and improve through practice.

It is the willingness to
face challenges. Kids with a growth mindset are passionate about learning. They
see mistakes and failures as a jump-off point for further learning and

So, how should one
introduce the concept of growth mindset to kids?

One way is to model the
appropriate language they can use to change their negative way of thinking.

For example, if children
tend to say, “I can’t do it,” you could encourage them to change this to “I
can’t do it yet.”

Today’s post features 31 growth mindset coloring pages that
you can use to introduce the language of growth and possibilities.

These attractively designed coloring pages can be part of your lesson’s activities. They serve as visual reminders and reinforcing materials for the mindset that you are introducing to your students or children.

31 Growth Mindset Coloring Pages for
Your Kids or Students

1. I Can Always Improve

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via Classroom Doodles

Does your child have a
tendency to think that whatever he or she does is not good enough or doomed to

It is true that failure
is a possibility for any venture. However, that should not stop anyone from
trying again.

To develop a growth
mindset, children should be taught that making mistakes and failing are ways
for us to learn and improve. This…

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