Why Expensive Yoga Isn’t Always More Relaxing

Yoga does much more for you than just provide relaxation and stretching. You improve your posture, flexibility, and strength while increasing your ability to concentrate, focus, and decrease blood pressure.

The benefits of yoga even extend to better self-esteem and improved relationships, so it is easy to see why it is so popular.

The real problem that most people encounter with yoga is the price. A single drop in class can run you $20 or more. Monthly memberships vary in price as well and even triple digit pricing is common in some parts of the country.

Luckily, there are other alternatives, and most of them are going to be less expensive.

1. Check Out the Gym

If you already belong to a gym, start by looking in to the classes offered. Many gyms offer yoga classes, and for an individual who is relatively fit and coordinated, this is a good way to try out yoga without making an additional financial commitment. Take some time to find out if the teacher is experienced and can alter poses in order to meet your specific needs.

2. Call the Community Center

Because yoga has become so popular, you may even find it at the local community center. Classes, even on a drop-in basis, are much less expensive in this environment than they are at an established yoga studio.

3. Check Out and Buy Videos

There are many good yoga videos that you can use. The local library will, no doubt, have a number of such DVDs, and if you find a couple that you like, purchase them.

Websites that offer discounted DVDs make such videos very affordable, usually less than $10, and if doing the same routine gets old, buy a few and rotate through them.

4. Barter for Lessons

Unless they are working for a franchise yoga studio, most of the teachers I know are willing to barter for private lessons. If you have a service you can offer, chances are you can make some sort of arrangement.

5. Try Free Trials or Discounted Classes

Many yoga schools offer a week or two of free classes. This is a good way to try out a school without spending any money. If you don’t attend regularly when you are getting free classes, chances are you won’t when you are paying. If you really like the program, find out how you can get the best deal for your money.

Another option is to ask about discounted classes. Sometimes studios will discount the price of beginner classes. You get the opportunity to see the poses demonstrated at a slower pace, get to ask questions, and learn your limits without the stresses of…

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