Improve Your Posture With These Simple Exercises & Stretches

Correct posture is something I am proud to say is at the heart of my Ballet Blast method. I want my clients to achieve their goals, but even more so, I want them to master their posture. Why? Because if you have good posture, every workout is going to be more effective, and therefore you'll have less chance of injury, and results come quicker.

So many of my clients sit down all day, hunched over their computer or phone, straining their neck, and internally rotating their shoulders. This pattern hour after hour, day after day causes extreme tightness and what I like to call the tech neck epidemic.

Improving your posture and getting rid of neck tension involves more than just exercises; it means reprogramming your day-to-day activities, undoing bad habits, and creating new ones. Those lifestyle changes paired with stretching and the right exercises can get you back to your neutral alignment while experiencing less pain and better performance in life and the workout studio.

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