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and KYMIRA Sport Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Recovery Box

One of Europe’s leading sports nutrition brands, Bio-Synergy, and the world’s leading producer of infrared performance and recovery enhancing infrared sportswear, KYMIRA Sport, have joined forces to create the Ultimate Recovery Box.

“Endurance season is
upon us and with many upping the intensity of their training to give them the
best chance of reaching that PB, Tim Brownstone and I thought it the perfect
time to launch an Ultimate Recovery Box. Recovery is extremely important
throughout the training phases; if you aren’t recovering properly, you aren’t
able to get the most out of each session which is going to negatively affect results
come the big day. Our Ultimate Recovery Box ensures users are recovering as
efficiently as possible and therefore giving them the best chance of reaching
their goals this year.”

– said Daniel Herman, Founder of Bio-Synergy


Since 1997, over 4 million
passionate sport & fitness enthusiasts have chosen Bio-Synergy to support
their sports and fitness goals. As any wise PT will tell you, one of the most
important aspects of training is recovery, which is exactly why Bio-Synergy has
spent thousands of pounds and over two decades combining ingredients until they
created a stack of products proven to help users recover faster and perform

We are pleased to introduce

  • BCAA 2 in
    – BCAA’s are essential building blocks of protein that need to be
    consumed through food sources; they cannot be created by our bodies
    independently. If you supply BCAAs during your races and in between meals, then
    you’re likely to recover better afterwards.
  • PowerBeet:
    The science is that nitrate helps muscles work more efficiently using less
    oxygen to produce the same amount of power. Research has found that it improves
    the endurance capacity of athletes; as a result of the nitrate turning into
    nitric oxide in the body, reducing how much oxygen is burnt up during exercise.
  • Whey
    Better –
    With 92% protein, 1% fat, and 0 carbs, Whey Better is arguably the
    best whey protein shake available. Every 30g scoop of it’s whey isolate packs
    in 27.2g of protein – more than any other on the market – plus a BCAA top up of
    6.8g and B-Vitamins for improved energy levels, and accelerated recovery
  • Water
    – Staying hydrated is vital to flush out lactic acid and reduce
    Delayed Onset of…

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