3 Simple Steps To Long Distance Sexual Intimacy

(Guest post by Sam Caesar)

Let’s face it, one of the major issues in any long distance relationships is sex. I mean, sex is generally one of the major issues of any relationship between adults, so that’s not surprising. Every couple has to navigate questions about the role of sex in their relationship. But when you and your partner are miles apart, things get more… complicated.

Just like you, I am in a long distance
relationship and, boy, it is hard. Especially since we are a 24-hour flight
apart (Australia-Sweden).

When you’re in a long distance relationship
and apart almost all the time it can seem impossible to establish a long
distance sex life with your partner, but it’s actually not.

Technology allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones much more easily than ever before. And you can have a fulfilling sexual relationship as long as you keep an open mind, you are willing to be creative, and you practice open communication.

Here are my top tips to help you feel more connected and sexually intimate with your partner.

1. Establish Open Communication

When I first started out in a long distance
relationship, neither of us properly communicated around what we wanted
sexually from each other. We didn’t talk about whether we wanted to be sexual
at a distance, and how we would be able to fill the sexual void while being

As time passed, we bottled up what we were
truly thinking. Then, a few months down the track, we realized we had a lot of
misunderstandings about what we each wanted when it came to sex. This led to a lot
of frustration and a big fight.

Luckily, after the falling out we were able
to mend what we should have fixed before it became a problem. We both learned
that we should have established open communication about sex early on in our

I don’t want this to happen to you. Open
communication is extremely important in a long distance relationship in so many
areas. Sex is one of them. So make sure you have a conversation about this sort
of stuff with your partner fairly early on!

Preface this conversation by acknowledging
that sex can be hard to talk about, and that the topic often makes people feel
uncomfortable and vulnerable. Let them know that he/she can talk about anything
(or choose not to talk about it right
that moment if they don’t want to) and that you want them to share their
thoughts, opinions, and concern. Tell your…

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