8 Tips For Stronger, Longer Lasting And More Intense Orgasms

Achieving an orgasm requires a few key components, according to author of She Comes First and sex therapist Ian Kerner.

Kerner lists blood flow to your pelvis, muscular tension throughout your body, and also activating the ‘love hormone’ as the most important ingredients to having an orgasm.

So, knowing these contributing factors to having an orgasm, how can we have a stronger, longer, more intense orgasm each and every time?

Read on for 8 proven ways to enjoy a more intense orgasm every time . . .

Follow These 8 Tips to Have Stronger, Longer Lasting Orgasms:


1. Build Up the Tension

According to love and dating coach Jessica Smith, it’s oh-so-important to “let the sexual pleasure and tension build and hold out on the quick O for the big O!”

This practice is often referred to as edging, which is prolonging the climax by approaching orgasm but then easing away before fully reaching it. The result is, as Smith described, a bigger O to look forward to. Challenging, but oh-so-worth it.

2. Pre-Sex Kegels

Jessica Smith also recommends doing kegels pre-sex to help intensify your orgasms. Kegels are known to strengthen the pelvic floor, and when these muscles are contracted repeatedly, they send signals to the brain releasing endorphins.

Karl Stifter, author of The Sexology of the Vaginal Orgasm, states that these signals from the pelvic floor stimulate the uterus for females and prostate for males, activating our sexual power centers for the most intense orgasms.

3. Use Lube, But Not Just Any Lube

Jess O’Reilly, who hosts the Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast, states that using lube will lead to higher levels of arousal and pleasure. She also confirms that using lubricant will increase the number of orgasms you have.

But not all lubes are created equal! Look for a lube with all natural, safe ingredients, but also ingredients that do more than simply lubricate.

Enter the Awaken Natural CBD Lubricant and Personal Arousal Oil by Foria. The benefits of using a CBD lubricant include increasing pleasure and intensity of your orgasms, along with decreasing pain and discomfort.
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4. Experiment With Your Breathing

Fast and shallow breathing can heighten your excitement and arousal while deep, conscious breathing in and out through your nose can heighten your overall sensation. In…

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