Soothe The Soul In Greece

Reviewing Villa Vager Mani: A Beautiful Boutique Hotel near Kalamata in Greece

Our Villa Vager Mani review introduces the beautiful boutique hotel between Kalamata and Kardamili in the Southern Peloponnese. This mansion dates back to 1858 but the design captures the 21st century. For a taste of rural Greek life to sooth the soul, head through the olive groves, up the hill, and overlook the Gulf of Messinia. Our stay was hosted for review purposes but we kept the right to write what we like. As always.

The Villa Vager Mani Review

It was the kind of place some would have hated. But we fell in love.

Just fifteen minutes from the main coastal city of Kalamata, the road rose from the sea to thread through the olive groves and dip through the pine. It passed pine farmyards, a tiny taverna, and ended with views of the sea that greeted the ancient Greek gods.

The Setting: The Mani in the Peloponnese

Villa Vager Mani takes its name from the peninsula that holds its earth: the Mani, a strip of land running south in the Peloponnese from the edge of Kalamata to the isolated tip at Tenaro.

This is the land where locals took on the Spartans, Venetians built towers and the cave that led to the Underworld and the god of Hades still stands today.

And it’s not exactly that it’s been forgotten or that no one knows it is here.

Summer sees direct flights from London to Kalamata and holiday companies like Sunvil [hosted] put together packages for the time-poor.

Terrace at Villa Vager Mani and tomato sellers in small village in Greece

Spacious terrace in Villa Vager Mani – Tomato seller travels door to door in the village

Authentic Greece

It’s just that life goes as it always has in so many parts, surrounded by this staggeringly wild, authentic, untamed beauty.

Farmers travel door to door selling vine-ripened tomatoes. Beachfronts lie deserted, while waiters tell you not to worry if you don’t have cash on you. Eat today and bring the money tomorrow.

Children, truly, are welcome.

And yet, if you want to dip into the city scene and pep yourself up with coastal cappuccino and cool new eateries, you can do that too. 

Just don’t expect that in the tranquil surroundings at Villa Vager Mani.

Swining in a seat in Villa Vager Mani

Having fun in Villa Vager Mani – A Beautiful Boutique Hotel in Greece

Villa Vager Review in Focus

We first came across the Villa Vager idea on our Big Greek Road Hop, driving through the Peloponnese when Baby Lab was just a baby.

Run by husband and wife couple, Marina and Nikolas (Pirate Captain Niko to Baby Lab,) their renovated mansion high above Megali Mantinia piqued…

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