Best Travel Medical Insurance For Digital Nomads

*Note: I am an affiliate of SafetyWing digital nomad health insurance. I only ever recommend products/services I love and think you would love, too! 

If you’ve ever searched for travel medical insurance for digital nomads before, you probably realize there are many options out there. 

At first glance, these companies may look the same; but the truth is they’re very different.

One popular digital nomad travel insurance option that covers you for a lot but is still one of the most affordable is SafetyWing, which I’ll be going over in-depth in this post so you can be very clear on exactly how you’re protected abroad. 

The reason I’m choosing to highlight this product, in particular, is that it is unique — travel and safety insurance made by digital nomads for digital nomads. 

The truth:

After going on numerous trips without issue, it can be easy to think you don’t need travel medical insurance abroad. 

But it only takes one bad accident to lose everything — or be thankful you were covered. 

Still skeptical?

Along with essential advice, I’ll be sharing stories below that prove just how vital being insured as a traveler really is.

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The Best Travel Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads

Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance

There is a difference between travel insurance and the health insurance you have in your home country. 

Yes, it’s important to have health insurance if you have a permanent address somewhere; but this won’t be enough once you leave home. 

For instance, most travel insurance policies do not cover things like routine medical checkups, preventative care, cancer treatment or pre-existing conditions — though note SafetyWing does offer limited coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

On the flip side, your health insurance won’t cover lost luggage, trip interruption, and trip cancellation. Actually, most only offer limited medical coverage abroad and won’t cover evacuations, either. 


Before traveling, it’s wise to contact your health insurance to see exactly how you’re already covered. 

Learn more about SafetyWing here!

Proof You Need Travel Insurance

If you’re asking yourself “Should I get travel insurance?” let me share a few stories that prove you do. 

new zealand landscape

New Zealand via Ketan Kumawat/Pexels.

1. An Unplanned Outpatient Medical Procedure

“I have been…

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