Annapurna Region Trekking Route + Nepal Adventure

*A big thanks to the Nepal Tourism Board and the Pacific Asia Travel Association for sponsoring my trip! Note: I recommend hiring a guide through a sustainable tourism company for this trip, which you can book here. This is an affiliate link, and there are other affiliate links in this post. I only recommend brands I genuinely love and think you will, too! 

I’d never heard of the Mohare Danda Trek, a lesser-explored Annapurna Region trekking route. But it only took seeing a few photos from the hike for me to be on a plane to experience this incredible Nepal adventure. 

The drive to Pokhara is long but scenic.

Colorful trucks driving cement, and sometimes tourists, create congestion as we drive — more like crawl — out of smoggy Kathmandu; city slowly easing into mountainscape.

Along with pulling over for coffee, we stop for a quick white water rafting trip down the Trisuli River, a tributary of the Ganges in India.

Hey, Nepal is the land of adventure.


Mohare Danda Trek in Nepal

Our guide, Kumar of Adventure River Trails, gives us a very brief introduction, showing us four simple commands as well as how to hold the paddle.

Then, in no time at all, we’re off. 

Soon a rapid appears in the near distance. I’m brought back to white water rafting in Costa Rica and the in-depth safety briefing we had.

“Does anyone know what to do if we fall out?” I ask. Everyone’s eyes widen.

But it’s too late to talk logistics, as our boat nosedives into the rapids. 

Soon, our once-dry shorts and t-shirts are drenched in chilly water, though we emerge laughing.

“Again! Again!” the group shouts.

white water rafting in nepal

White water rafting in Nepal.

white water rafting in nepal

White water rafting in Nepal.

It’s a gorgeous hour-and-a-half of maneuvering rapids while being hugged by mountains — at least mountains to me, though my Nepal tour guide, Gopal, calls them hills.

“To be a mountain it must have a snowy peak,” he smiles. Different definitions, I guess.

At one point we raft past the Nepali army practicing their shooting. They pause to let us pass.

The adventurous Nepal trip ends in Mugling, where domestic tourists flock to visit the Manakamana Temple via gondola.

The site — as well as the view — must be spectacular, but we’ve got over two hours of driving left before we reach our destination of Pokhara, with a quick bite to eat with a…

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