The Best Stretch For Beating That Pesky 3 P.M. Slump

At mindbodygreen, we believe that movement is an essential part of life. Movement, like food, can be its own form of medicine—it can connect us to the earth, to our community, and to ourselves. That's why we created Movement Cures, a video series that underscores our bodies' ability to heal itself through movement. From common aches and pains to the occasional (or chronic) bloating, we're asking experts for their best answers to our everyday woes and sharing Movement Cures that can help you feel better.

The afternoon slump is nothing short of a universal office woe—and speaking from experience, it can be hard to shake. Energy dips in the afternoon are normal, but if you knew there was a natural way to lift your spirits, wouldn't you give it a try?

Cue the cobra.

A beloved stretch and yoga pose, this movement will bring energy to your spine and help you regain your focus.

Need a demo? Follow along as personal trainer and Flywheel instructor Emily Fayette breaks it down for us. Here's how to do a cobra stretch.

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