Why I’m Feeling Guilty Spending Money

I noticed the way I spend money changed. Not only am I spending less, but I feel pressured to not spend even for necessities. In short, I think I changed myself from frugal to cheap.

A few weeks ago, I asked everyone whether I should celebrate on my big career accomplishment and splurge. I ended up not spending a dime. In a way, this is good since I didn’t waste my money on something I might regret later, but some might say that I have almost gone mad with saving money.

guilt and moneyThe argument is that I should reward myself for making such a big accomplishment with SOMETHING… ANYTHING. I agree with this somewhat, but when I think of all the things that I want, I just couldn’t get myself to purchasing any of it even though I can comfortably afford the bill.

When I shop, I don’t look at the features or how it might be useful for me. The most important deciding factor of purchasing something has become the hit it will have on my bottom line.

“I want to retire early” I think to myself.

“But if I end up retiring early and do nothing at home every single day, would I be happy?” I know I will just drive myself crazy if my day was too relaxing (maybe that is a problem in and of itself).

I feel sad about this sometimes. Isn’t the idea of saving money so we have some to spend?

During the weekends, all I can think of is how much activity A is and how much activity B will cost. This is totally unhealthy but how do I get out of this? How did I get into this?

This seems to be a problem many people face, or have to deal with: How do we balance the current and future since they both compete for the same pile of wealth? Do you have a systematic approach to this or do you just go by feel?

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