The Bahamas Green Turtle Cay And New Plymouth In The Abacos: A Guide

The Bahamas: Green Turtle Cay

Amid pure shores, rum cocktails and hope-they're-friendly sharks, you'll find a slice of New England in the Abacos. Find plenty of  things to do in Bahamas Green Turtle Cay: a quirky spot surrounded by paradise. Read more about the Caribbean.

The Bahamas Green Turtle Cay

The ancient Babylonians invented a way of measuring time by capturing shadows on stone, a method we call sun dials. Green Turtle Cay measures fun by capturing shadows on the stone of New Plymouth, shadows that bounce through palm trees onto soft pink walls, giggling from the shoulders of two oversized adults in a speeding miniature golf cart.

More Bonnie and Clyde than Thelma and Louise, just without the romance, robbery and death part, we rolled into town: one journalist from the Travel Trade Gazette, one writer-come-blogger come please-don’t-use the word “influencer.” That would be me.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you book through them, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I travelled as part of a work project with The Bahamas Tourist Office, UK. However, what I chose to write about is mine, all mine! Bwahaha etc

Green Turtle Cay Map and walkway

Starting in Nassau: On to Green Turtle Cay

Our Bond-like adventure began in the great casinos of Baha Mar on Nassau, New Providence, and soon became more and more Johnny English with a series of small ineptitudes and the large intrusion of reality.

After three cracking days on the “mainland” (more about that later,) our group had split into pairs to cover a handful of the 700 or so islands that make up the Bahamas chain.

A 35 minute flight from Nassau to Marsh Harbour and we were in the Abacos. A 40 minute drive and 30 minute open-ferry later and we were on the white sands of Green Turtle Cay.

Travelling on a ferry in the Abaco islands

Getting Your Bearings in the Bahamas Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay measures 3 1/2 miles by half a mile and almost everyone uses golf carts or ferries. The geography curls in and out like a diplodocus, a coy one, slowly stretching out each limb as though waking from a nap. 

At Bluff House, Molly greets us at reception, a manager who moved here years ago to fall in love, raise a family and oversee this small, sweet boutique hotel.

OK, that's not the official version, but it's more or less what happened.  

Abigail King in hammock

Exploring my new home at Bluff House

Bluff House Resort Marina

Bluff House, like the rest of the Abacos, is a mix. Spacious suites that overlook the ocean, decked in cool white, with fans, dark furniture and…

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